Macromancie Agni Invites you to be Authorized Dealer Distributor Franchisee

Macromancie Agni Invites you to be Authorized Dealer Distributor Franchisee

Macromancie Agni Invites you to be Authorized Dealer Distributor Franchisee

Macromancie Agni invites you to be Authorized Dealer Distributor Franchisee

>Smart Fire Alarm and Fire Fighting System
>Smart Customized Sensors and Detectors for Fire, Security, CCTV, Home Automation Systems
>Smart School/College Management Software ERP 
>Smart Campus Wi Fi Hotspot Centralized System
>Smart Interactive Classroom
>Smart Student/Staff Attendance Management System
>Smart Biometric/RFID Access Control System
>Smart Campus Building Perimeter Security
>Smart CCTV Surveillance Monitoring
>Smart IBMS Automation System for Fire, HVAC & Electrical Energy Saving Management
>PA Public Address Announcement System : used for Announcement to Selected Classroom or allClassrooms
>Institutional Solar Energy System
>Digital School Bell System : Preprogrammed Day Period Recess Schedule
>Fire Extinguishers and Flame/Smoke/Heat/LPG/CO/CO2  Gas Detection System

Fire Alarm System :
Wired Conventional Fire Alarm Panel, Wireless Addressable Fire Alarm Panel, Addressable Zone Based Fire Alarm Panel, Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Panel, Landline / GSM Dialer, Smoke / Heat Detector, Water Leak Detector, Flame Detector, Beam Detector, Strobe Sounder, Manual Call Point (MCP), Sounder Hooter, Response Indicator (R.I.), Repeater Panels, Sprinkler Annunciation Panels

>Macromancie Wired/Wireless Fire Alarm
>Macromancie Wireless Security AlarmSystem
>Macromancie Wireless Fire+Security Alarm
>Macromancie Wireless Fire + Security + Automation System : Customizable
:Addressable :long Range :upto 256 Devices
>Smart School/College Mgmt Software ERP
>Smart Campus Wi Fi Hotspot Centralized
>Smart Interactive Classroom
>Smart Student/Staff Attendance Management
>Smart Biometric/RFID Access Control System
>Smart Campus Building Perimeter Security
>Smart CCTV Surveillance Monitoring
>Smart IBMS Automation System for Fire, HVAC & Electrical Energy Saving Management
>PA Public Address Announcement System
>Institutional Solar Energy System
>Macromancie College Campus Smart Wi Fi 
>Government/Private Building Wi Fi Hotspot
>Smart City Wi Fi Hotspot
>Smart Wi Fi Hotspots for Public Places like Railway Station / Bus Stand / Gardens / Gym / Sports Complex Stadiums / Temples / Shopping Malls / Markets / Corporate Buildings / Factory Area
>Smart Electrical Energy Saving Sensors
>Smart PIR / Motion Sensors
>Automatic Sensor Based Lights
>Automatic Sensors Based Alarm System
>Smart Weatherproof Sensors
>Other Various Kind of Sensors

Security Alarm System :
Wired Security Alarm Panel, Wireless Security Alarm Panel, Fire Cum Security Alarm Panel, Bank/Showroom Security Alarm Panel, Guard Monitoring System, LPG Gas Sensor, Smoke / Heat Detector, Door Sensor, Magnetic Contact, Shutter Sensor, Vibration Sensor, Multifunction Sensor, Motion Sensor, Ceiling PIR, Biometric Sensors, Auto Sound Sensors, Occupancy Sensors, Sounder, Motorised Siren

PA Public Address System :
60W, 100 W, 160w, 250w Amplifiers, Zone Selector Console, PA LMT Speakers, Mobile PA System

CCTV System :
HD Quality CCTV Range,AHD, IP CCTV, HD DVR Box, IP Camera, Computer Screen, Wireless CCTV Range

Biometric/RFID Fingerprint Machines and Access Control :
RFID Card Reader Machine, Biometric Fingerprint Machine, RFID & Biometric Combo Machine, EMU Locks, Access Control Devices

Automation System :
Home Automation Panel, Big Commercial Building Automation Panel, IBMS Panels, Remote based multi kind of automation Solutions

Stand-alone ( Plug & Play) Automation Products :
Lights on/off Sensor, Outdoor Parking Sensor, Car Garage Light Sensor, Washroom / Gallery Lights Sensor, Motion Sensor with Remote, Room Lights/Fan/AC Sensor with Remote

Smart School/College/Institute/University Campus :
HD Quality IP CCTV, Smart School/College Management Software, Interactive Smart Boards, Smart Classroom equipped with Interactive Content

Specialized Customized Items :
Gas Release Panel, Electrical Panels, Public Address (P.A.) Panels, Fire Extinguishers, FM200 Gas System, Fire Door, Exit Lights, Exit Signage, Emergency Exit Plans

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