Microwave Sensors versus Infrared Sensors

Microwave Sensors versus Infrared Sensors

Microwave Sensors – The Latest Generation of Presence Control and Energy Saving Lighting

Automatic lighting controls work by sensing when an area is occupied, the level of daylight or both. They then switch lighting on or off or dim the level.

There are two main ways for sensors to detect when an area is occupied:

Microwave sensors transmit an inaudible microwave and monitor reflections from walls or objects in the room irrespective of heat or light. Line of sight issues do not affect microwave sensors as any movement of solid objects changes the pattern of the reflections and activates the sensor.

Key points:

Activated by motion – speed and size not heat and light
Unaffected by background temperature
Completely enclosed within the lighting fixture as microwave operation can safely penetrate non-metallic objects such as glass and plastic
Very stable performance which is suitable for any climate
In line with the fittings IP rating, the units are dust and smoke proof as they are inside the fitting
Very long life span of 100,000 hours plus

Passive infrared (PIR) sensors relate to the movement of objects by detecting their heat and light, but only in their field of view. As these products rely on line of sight their performance is affected when inanimate objects obstruct their field of view.

Key points:

Activated by infrared – heat and light
Do not function well in temperatures >35 degrees Celsius
Cannot penetrate plastic or glass, so the detector has to be positioned externally to a light fitting, therefore they can become vulnerable to smoke and dust
Lenses can age due to exposure to the atmosphere, which results in reduced performance over time
Short life span of around 20,000 hours

The cutting edge microwave sensors used by Netlec.co.uk in a new generation of light fittings, such as the Lunar 2D wIth Microwave Sensor have numerous benefits:

Purpose made for use in intelligent light fittings to suit energy saving applications
Turn on when presence is detected, then dim down for a pre-set time to a lower percentage of brightness once the presence has passed
The sensor is unobtrusive as it is located inside the light fitting, so there is no compromise to decoration or room design
Extremely low transmission power equivalent to only 2% of that of a typical mobile phone
Multi-operational settings which are variable to suit the user
Wide operating temperature range of between -35 deg to +70 deg Celsius
Replaceable rim trims with a range of colour options to suit the decor of the room

The Lunar 2D wIth Microwave Sensor is an Energy saving surface mounted flight fitting complete with a cutting edge integral microwave occupancy/light sensor. The fitting has been designed for Netlec.co.uk specifically to enhance their offering of energy saving products.

Fittings with microwave sensors are ideally suited to areas which only need to be illuminated when occupied and daylight diminishes below the required level. They are perfect for use in a wide variety of environments, where energy efficiency is of prime importance, for instance corridors, stairways, storage areas, toilets etc. Popular in schools and commercial premises, the Lunar 2D wIth Microwave Sensor is aesthetically pleasing enough to be used in almost any setting, especially when used in conjunction with one of the replaceable coloured rims which give the product increased diversity in its interior design applications.

As well as reducing energy costs, there are other benefits too through the use of a light fitting such as the Lunar 2D wIth Microwave Sensor. Organisations and business could reduce their lighting maintenance costs, create a better workplace and show, in a really visible way, that their organisation cares about the environment.

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