Conventional Beam Detector for Fire Alarm System


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An optical beam smoke detector is a device that uses a projected beam of light to detect smoke across large areas, typically as an indicator of fire.They are used to detect fires in buildings where standard point smoke detectors would Beam-Fire-Detectioneither be uneconomical or restricted for use by the height of the building. Optical beam smoke detectors are often installed in warehouses as a cost effective means of protecting large open spaces


– Unit the emitter and the receiver as one. In that case, it has advantages of easy and convenient installation as we as wonderful collimation for the optical path
– Automatic calibration to make sure one person can debug the device easily
– Self-testing function to monitor the internal fault of the detector
– Automatic compensation for the factors of the receiving signals to avoid the influence of dust pollution, positional  deviation and aging of transmitter tubes
– The detector is designed for optical path, strong anti jamming capability, seal design and reliable anti-corrosion and water proof
– 4 reflectors for 100 meter smoke detection

‐ Operating Voltage : 16V ~ 28VDS
‐ Temperature : 10° C to 50° C
‐ Humidity  : 95%
‐ Debug Current : 20 mA
‐ Monitoring Current : 12 mA
‐ Alarm Current : 22 mA
‐ Protective area : 14m
‐ Consumption  : 3W
‐ Dimension : L 206mm * D 94mm * W 200mm



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