Heat Detector


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A ‘heat detector is a fire alarm device designed to respond when the connected thermal energy of a fire increases the temperature of a heat sensitive element. The thermal mass and conductivity of the element regulate the rate flow of heat into the element.

Rate-of-Rise (ROR) heat detectors operate on a rapid rise in element temperature of increase per minute, irrespective of the starting temperature. This type of heat detector can operate at a lower temperature fire condition than would be possible if the threshold were fixed. It has two heat-sensitive thermocouples or thermistors. One thermocouple monitors heat transferred by convection or radiation. The other responds to ambient temperature. Detector responds when first’s temperature increases relative to the other.

‐ Operating Voltage  :  DC (10.8 ~ 30) V
‐ Frequency   : 3‐5 Seconds
‐ Smoke Sensitivity : 1.51% /  ~ 2.73% /  obscuration
‐ Reset Voltage  : Less than 1 volt
‐ Reset me : Less than 1 sec.
‐ Alarm indication : 2 continuous emitting red LEDs
‐ Weight  : 140 gram with base
‐ Start up current  : 200 µA
‐ Alarm current (Max) : 60 mA
‐ Stand by current : 60 µA
‐ Dimension : Dia 100mm, ht 46mm

– Rate Of Rise cum Fix Temperature type
– Dual LED for 360 degree visibility
– 2 wire based detector
– Advance algorithms provides advanced detection discrimination
– Easy installation
– Low maintenance
– High immunity against unwanted alarms
– Stable heat chamber, No adjustment or replacement required

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