LPG / CNG / PNG Gas Leak Detector for Wired System


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Comprehensive range of LPG Gas Leak Detector for Wired System, which consists of alarm initiating device, alarm notification appliance and control unit. These are efficient in detection of the leakage and are capable of raising instant alarming. All the units manufactured by us comprises rechargeable battery which ensures continues protection.

  • The detector is Kitchen Platform Panel mountable.
  • More effective than competing Products  in terms of ability to detect LPG/PNG
  • More effective than competing Products  in terms of ability to detect LPG/PNG
  • Can connect to Gas Detection Panel or Fire Alarm or Security Alarm Panel
  • 4 Core Wire Connection (+ve -ve and NO Common) to Connect Panel
  • ‐ Operating Voltage : 12 to 24 volt dc
    ‐ Temperature : 10° C to 50° C
    ‐ Humidity : Less than 95%
    ‐ Sensitivity : 10 LEL
    ‐ Testing area : 14m
    ‐ Consumption : 1.7 W
    ‐ Weight : 280 gram with all accessories
    ‐ Colour : Grey White



– Hot wire type sensor
– Easy installation and maintenance
– Modernized design
– Green LED shows Standby mode
– Yellow LED shows Sensor faulty mode
– RED LED shows alarm mode
– Detect all sorts of combustible gases, LPG
and LNG include city gas
– Ideal for all kitchens
– Excellent reliability & high stability
– Durable sensor head
– Less affected by other organic solvent
– High Accuracy
– Loud sound signal of 85 dB at alarm mode
– Suitable for safety valve

Macromancie have multiple Advantages
  • Strong R& D Team
  • Strong Local Dealership Network
  • Strong Pre-Sales Support
  • Strong Technical Support at Installation Time
  • Strong After Sale Support
  • Strong Repair and Spare Parts Support Network