Macromancie Water tank Overflow Alarm System

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Small device, easy to install in all kinds of tanks, Rings at full tank level and alerts you, Saves water and electricity, Prevents damage to roofs and walls from overflowing water, Simple design at economical price

Material and Finish
Macromancie Water tank Overflow Alarm is made up of virgin plastic and is white in colour. The dimension is 19.5 X 14 X 4. The innovative water tank overflow alarm works on 230V AC 50Hz. It uses an AA battery. A wire has to be kept at the desired level in the tank. The alarm rings and alerts you when the water reaches the set level in the tank. It has an on/off button at the sides. The alarm is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified.

Additional Features
The efficient Water tank Overflow Alarm saves water and electricity. It also prevents your walls and roofs from the damage that is caused due to water overflow. Once you insert the battery into the alarm, you can fix it near the motor or anywhere you need as per your convenience. The end of the wire has a sensor that should be hanged in the water tank below the overflow pipe. The water should touch the sensor when it fills up to the required level to alarm you.

Product Water Overflow Alarm with Complete kit
Tone Talking Human Voice Alarm
Easy to install
Battery Operated
Installation Kit 50 Feet Wire

Wall Clips

Gitti & Screw

1 Piece Sensor S.S.

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