Emergency Dialer – 4g GSM Dialer with Multi Input SMS Option


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Starting 10 Minutes matters a most : If you get alert instantly then you can prevent Fire, Theft, Robbery or any Mishappening with your Family Members lives or Building Assets or Company Staffs. An Emergency Dialer is Digital Security Guard 24x7x365 to serve you automatically instantly to Alert by Call & SMS to take Preventive action.

A Emergency Speech Dialer is a programmable dialer, designed for verbal reporting of alarm, emergency and technical events via CALL and SMS on 15 Mobile numbers with recordable Voice Message for (fire/Security/Emergency Help) and Text Messages. helpfull to get real time emergency alert like OTP

Macromancie presents Latest 4g Technology based GSM Emergency dialer that can work with Airtel, Voda, BSNL, Jio or any 4g Telecom Operator with Ultra Fast speed. It is very usefull device to get alert in case of emergency situation at or Office, Factory or other Premises. It’s real time based Automatic call & SMS sending facility makes it Digital Security guard to empower your physical Security guard to thwart any un-wanted situation immediately to save our Valuables from Fire, Theft, robbery or disaster.
Features :

  • Super Fast Speed
  • Easy Programming through keypad
  • 20 Mobile Numbers feeding Capacity
  • Automatic Call / Automatic SMS sending in case of emergency Situation
  • 16×2 Character LCD Display
  • User Password Protection
  • Auto Dialer Facility with 20+ Numbers
  • 20 Sec Duration time of Vocie Message
  • Entered Telephone No. & Message Check Facility
  • Telephone Number Editing Facility
  • Redial Option 1-3 times
  • Repeat SMS option 1-2 times

Use Cases :

  • Can Connect with Conventional Fire Alarm Panels
  • Can Connect with Addressable Fire Alarm Panels
  • Can Connect with Security Alarm Panels
  • Can Connect with IBMS System
  • Can Connect with DVR NVR
  • Can connect with remote monitoring devices
  • Macromancie offers custom on-demand solutions also

Can connect with so many other custom devices also. Contact  our Technical team for further use case discussion at 9990155999

  • Panel Operation Voltage DC : 5 volt DC 12 Volt DC 24 Volt DC
  • Operating Temperature : below 55°C
  • Construction : ABS Body/ Metal Sheet optional
  • Dimension : 168mm x 107mm x 46mm
  • Color : Grey / White

A Emergency Speech Dialer is a programmable dialer, designed for verbal reporting of alarm, emergency and technical events via CALL and SMS on 20 Mobile numbers with recordable Voice Message for (fire/Security/Emergency Help) and Text Messages. helpfull to get real time emergency alert like OTP

  • Operating Voltage: 12/24 volt D.C.
  • System Installer can add upto 20 Mobile Numbers by SMS or Mobile APP
  • Telephone number check facility
  • Entered message check facility
  • Programmable redial options (01-03 times)
  • Telephone number editing facility
  • Speech Dialer with 20 telephone numbers for 03 types of messages
    20- Seconds Voice Message for Fire Alert
    20- Seconds Voice Message for Security Alert
    20- Seconds Voice Message for Emergency Help Alert

Typical applications use include upgrading alarm control panels that do not have a dialer, emergency reporting for individuals that require assistance, supervision of unattended machines and processes, reporting of technical failures (in refrigerators, heating and other equipment), reporting of environmental disasters (fire, gas leak, flooding, etc.), and a wide variety of other reporting applications.

An GSM auto dialer is an electronic device that can automatically dial telephone numbers to communicate between any two points in the telephone, mobile phone networks. Once the call has been established the GSM auto dialer will announce verbal messages to the called party you can also receive both text message and call.

The Automatic GSM dialer is an instrument that can automatically dial a fixed number of telephone numbers and deliver a message at each of the telephone numbers, with the help of any operator based on the sim card we use. The telephone numbers and the message can be stored by the user (in his own voice) and can be modified whenever required. When this instrument is activated, it starts dialing the telephone numbers in sequence and delivers the recorded message on each of the stored numbers. The system works on GSM module

Our GSM Auto dialer is an exciting advanced telecommunications reporting system. Activated by almost any type of sensor or alarm voltage trigger, GSM auto dialers will instantly deliver your pre-recorded voice message or alert to any phone or cell phone in any language, locally or to any number in the world. Interfaces with any alarm panel or can be used in a Standalone operation.

The GSM Auto Dialer that dials for Emergency Help when you are away used to monitor burglar alarm, fire alarm, motion detection, fuel levels, temperature changes, humidity levels, Co2, pressure switches, Vibration, low or high voltage, glass breakage, control systems using any dry contact.

Different optional sensors will trip the normally open/closed dry contact on the GSM dialer to start it calling the pre-programmed phone numbers. When an alarm sounds it will call you and play our own pre-recorded message ………. your home has been entered by an intruder ……..your company got fired,

Include your mobile phone number in the prescribed list and you could reach immediately and check whatever it is that’s going wrong.

Macromancie have multiple Advantages
  • Strong R& D Team
  • Strong Local Dealership Network
  • Strong Pre-Sales Support
  • Strong Technical Support at Installation Time
  • Strong After Sale Support
  • Strong Repair and Spare Parts Support Network

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