4 Zone Digital Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel


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Digital Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel with LCD Display is usually more advanced than their conventional counterparts, with greater information capacity and control flexibility.

Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels employ one or more Signaling Line Circuits, slang – usually referred to as loops or SLC loops – ranging between one and thirty. Depending on the protocol used, a Signaling Line Circuit can monitor and control several hundred devices.

Each device on a SLC has its own address, and so the panel knows the state of each individual device connected to it. Common addressable input (initiating) devices include

Smoke detectors
Heat Detectors (Rate of Rise and Fixed Temperature)
Manual call points or manual pull stations
Notification appliance
Fire sprinkler system inputs

  • AC input supply: 220 V AC 50 H2
  • DC input supply : 24 V DC
  • Operating voltage: 24 V DC
  • Normal Zone Voltage: 20.7 DC
  • Stand by current: 8.2 Micro Ampere
  • (EOL + detector’s)
  • Alarm current: 20-35 Mille Ampere
  • Alarm output: 2 V @ 1A
  • Maximum No. Of Detectors: 32 No.in each Zone
  • Dimension of Panel: 280x400x100 mm
  • Colours of Panel : White, Red
  • Compatible to conventional SS series 300 detector
  • Each Zone supports 32 – devices (Detectors / MCP/ Monitor module)
  • You can enter address of each and every module with on panel keypad
  • In built RTC  (Real Time Clock ) with 256 – event log
  • Zone ISOLATE facility with zone voltage cut off
  • Peer to peer n/w facility up-to 16 panel either through GSM or RS-485
  • Automatic restart after FIRE or FAULT become normal
  • 02-wire communication facility via RS-485 for SLAVE & REPEATER
  • Programmable potential free contact for FIRE and FAULT
  • Besides LCD display there is LED indication for FIRE, SHORT, OPEN & ISOLATE

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