Emergency Exit Light with 2 Beam Lights


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An attractive rounded dome rectangular box suitable for mounting / portable use.Automatically Switches-ON on mains power failure and provides illumination on battery source for specified duration, after which the battery gets automatically cut-off, to facilitate quick recharge on resumption of mains supply once the battery is totally charged it automatically slides into trickle charge to consistently retain the charge and be ready for immediate use

Finding its application in several offices, malls and schools, this Emergency Exit Light Signage provided by us is highly useful to direct towards the exit in disastrous situations with no or minimum light. Being one of the leading manufacturers of this product we manufacture it using quality raw materials. In addition, we provide customization and installation service for this product.


  • Directs towards the exit in disastrous situations
  • Can be used in minimum light
  • Quality raw materials used
  • Customization and installation service provided

*Emergency Lights helps in Safe Evacuation, when Power Outage
*Emergency lights are standard in new Commercial and high occupancy Residential buildings, such as Hotel, college dormitories. Most building codes require that they be installed in older buildings as well
*All Big Factories
*Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Hotel Buildings
*All Multi Story Buildings
*All Underground Basement Floors
*All Covered Parking Areas
*Railway and Metro Stations

Special Discounts for OEM

* 2x12 WATTS high power halogen Bulbs : Day night controlled
* 12 Volt/ 7.2 Ah in built SMF battery :In built charger for battery life
* Low battery protection :Sensor on & off switch
* Individual switch for lamps & exit sign :Lamp can be easily lift anywhere
* AC & DC Fuses :body powder coated heavy sheet
* Rigid Construction :You can focus the beam 360 Degree
* Coverage Distance :Width 15 to 20 Meter Length 50 to 60 Meter
* Exit Board :In high glow Red LED size 160 mm x 115 mm
* Light Size :Width 120 mm x Length 350 mm x Height 30 mm
* Light Total Weight :Approx 4 kg

Macromancie have multiple Advantages
  • Strong R& D Team
  • Strong Local Dealership Network
  • Strong Pre-Sales Support
  • Strong Technical Support at Installation Time
  • Strong After Sale Support
  • Strong Repair and Spare Parts Support Network