PA Talk Back Panel – School Broadcasting System 30 Device

PA Talk Back Panel – School Broadcasting System 30 Device


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Macromancie PA Talk Back Panel – School Broadcasting System 30 Device

1. Fully digital Switching.

2. No external amplifier, speaker or microphone is required

3. No external audio switcher is required.

4. Reduced number of items makes it easy to maintain.

5. Reduced wiring cost (up to 1/10 th) 6. Product Customization option Available

7. 07 Mode of operation
(a) All Call mode
(b) Group call: 03 Groups of 10 Speakars each.
(c) One to one call
(d) Selected rooms call
(e) Listening mode (Spying mode)
(f) External Audio Mode: External music can be played through Computer, Laptop, Mobile, iPod etc.

(g) Fire MCP (Manual Call Point) Panic Switch Alert in case of Emergency

1. Main PA Panel: To be installed in Director/Administrator/Principal Room. Main Panel consists of Mic, speaker and 16X2 character menu driven LCD display. 16 Key keypad to instruct the system in user friendly manner.

2. Talk Back Unit: To be installed in classrooms / Labs / Staff rooms / Activity Rooms / Department Cabins etc. Consists of Inbuilt speaker & Mic.

3. Power Supply: One Linear DC supply unit for 05-08 Talk Back units can be used.

4. Cable set : 3+2 Core Cable in which 2 Core Power cable should be minimum 1.5 or 2.5 mm copper cable & 3 Core can be used either CCTV cable or Cat6 or any 1mm good quality cable


Product Reparing & Maintenance 
The whole system is running only on a cable 5 core (3+2) so it is very easy to maintain comparing to traditional systems, no efforts are required in this system to manage and maintain a huge bunch of cables. Asks for less space in Administrators cabin. No need to put huge control panels on Administrator’s table.

1. One to One Communication with Talk Back (Two - Way Communication): Owner (Principal/Admin/ Directors unit) can speak as well listen to any selected room without disturbing other rooms.

2. All Call / General Announcement : Announcements of common interest can be made using ALL CALL feature. Voice will be audible in all talkback units / Classroom units connected with this system.

3. Group Call : User can make 03 Talk Back groups upto 10 rooms each for making group announcements. Groups can be made of rooms sharing common interests like Senior sections, junior section, playgroups, staff rooms etc..

4. Selective Call : Rooms other than group made, can be called selectively by entering room numbers directly in Main Controller panel.

5. External Audio : 3.5mm Jack is provided at the back of Main Panel for playing music from external devices like Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile etc.

6. Individual unit based Device ON/OFF Switch Controller : Most advanced feature rich unit based device on/off switch controller system is integrated with this system. User can Switch On/Off any One 220 Volt AC Fan/Bulb/Tubelight connected with Talk Back Unit : Small automation System

7. Recordable Alert Sound : Provision to record own voice / any sound to create customised multiple Alerts 8. Emergency Fire Alarm System / MCP Hooter Set :Macromancie Fire cum PA Panel have provision to attach Emergency panic buttons / Manual call point MCP to activate all Fire Hooters Speakers on Fire Sound.

Macromancie have multiple Advantages
  • Strong R& D Team
  • Strong Local Dealership Network
  • Strong Pre-Sales Support
  • Strong Technical Support at Installation Time
  • Strong After Sale Support
  • Strong Repair and Spare Parts Support Network