Emergency Speech Dialer – GSM Dialer


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A Emergency Speech Dialer is an electric panel that is a programmable speech dialer, designed for verbal reporting of alarm, emergency and technical events via telephone and paging networks.

Typical applications include upgrading alarm control panels that do not have a dialer, emergency reporting for individuals that require assistance, supervision of unattended machines and processes, reporting of technical failures (in refrigerators, heating and other equipment), reporting of environmental disasters (fire, gas leak, flooding, etc.), and a wide variety of other reporting applications.

  • Operating Voltage:    12/24 volt D.C.
  • Dimensions:          200mmX155mmX50mm
  • Colour:            White
  • Material :           ABS
  • Quiescent Current :    30 mille A.
  • Speech Dialer with 20 telephone numbers & 02 – message
  • 2x16 character Dot Matrix LCD display with backlight
  • 30- Seconds duration time of each message ( Fire & Security)
  • Entered message & telephone number check facility
  • Operates on both DOT and EPABX
  • Operates on Both TONE and PULSE Dialing
  • Programmable dialing delay options (01-03 minutes)
  • Programmable redial options (01-03 times)
  • Programmable Repeat Message (01-03 times)
  • Telephone number editing and telephone line over-riding facility

Macromancie have multiple Advantages
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